Warhammer World

Events Hall

Whether you’re visiting for one of our world-famous gaming events or just holding a friendly battle at the home of Warhammer, you’ll find our gaming hall perfect for the job. Drop in and try any of our tables for free.


At the heart of Warhammer World is the Events Hall – our inspiring Empire castle courtyard packed with gaming tables, including amazing feature tables with specially built scenery!


Wage War!


Bring your mates and enjoy your own games on our free to use gaming tables.  Bring an opponent, your miniatures, and your gaming equipment, and you’re all set for battle when you arrive here!


Join An Event!


We also hold our gaming events here, where you can meet and game with other hobbyists, and also admire amazing armies. With events for individuals, teams of two, teams of four, narrative-driven weekend – there’s something for you.



Get Some Hobby Done! 


We provide a paint station and water (in pots!) and staff in the store are happy to offer advice and ideas if you ask. Plus, there are often other hobbyists working on projects, so you may find people to bounce ideas off. Please do not use knives; Cutters and Mouldline Removers should get the job done!


If you want to be sure of a spot, get in touch to reserve a space on 0115 900 4151


Just Explore!


Even if you can’t bring your miniatures or hobby project, there’s plenty to enjoy in the Events Hall.


Explore the gaming tables to inspire your own gaming board or terrain, and you’ll often see great miniatures in use by other gamers – a battle at Warhammer World is a great time to show off your collection!

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Using our Gaming Tables


All models must be Games Workshop in full. This includes all weapons, heads, arms, legs, wings and so on. They don’t have to be painted, but this is a great opportunity to show off your miniatures.


Only Games Workshop games and licensed games based on our worlds can be played on our tables and in Bugman’s Bar. This includes out of print games, so feel free to bring your first edition Warhammer Fantasy army down for a game!


If you’re not sure about a game you want to play, please ask at [email protected]


Please only consume food and drink purchased at Warhammer World.


Reserving a Gaming Table


Visiting Monday to Friday? Call us on 0115 900 4151 and speak to a store staff member, who can check and reserve available tables for you.


Visiting at a weekend? Due to us hosting events most weekends, we usually have limited tables available. Email us at [email protected] with details for; the day and time you plan to visit, type of gaming table you’d like, and gaming system you’re playing. We’ll reply with options for you as soon as possible.


We will remove any reservations that do not arrive within an hour of the agreed start time, and reallocate tables on a first come first served basis. If you have a reservation and are going to arrive late, please call us as soon as you can on 0115 900 4151 and speak to a store staff member.